Public Transportation

Predict arrival times with smart transportation!

Digital signage can be implemented at bus stations, airports or train stations. Furthermore, it’s useful inside buses, trains or even taxis to provide passengers with information as they travel.

The best case studies are our clients themselves. See what +bus says about us in the video on the right. They create content and operate 100+ screens in Uruguay's capital, Montevideo, bus fleet.

Read the interview about their start into changing the commuting experience for hundred thousands of people. If you are specifically interested in the technical aspect, +bus' feasible solutions will astonish you.

What does it mean for you to implement digital signage on public transportation? With OnSign TV we have you covered.

Display more information than ever. Arrival times, emergencies, delays, cancelations or even an entire traveling network may be displayed to the traveler.

Accurate information delivery keeps the passengers informed about current conditions and changes in route, for example a delayed flight or bus arrival.

Provide important information faster. Delayed arrivals are important, but information about emergencies takes the prize. Informing travelers about such matters is vital to lower stress and, in some cases, panic, allowing them to handle the situation easier.

Use GPS to provide easier wayfinding. A traveling network can be updated to include GPS, making wayfinding a lot easier. Interactive displays take the personal journey to another level.

Go the extra mile with interactive displays. Used in other industries as well, interactive displays fit best in transportation. They allow the passenger access needed information in record time and, in many cases, pass time while waiting.

Keep every byte of your content linked using the cloud storage provided by our platform. You can remotely manage players and campaigns, regardless of your fleet size.

These are some of the features we’ve implemented and consider very useful for delivering information in public transport:

  • Play campaigns based on GPS position
  • Remote Player and Campaign Management
  • Fine-grained Access Control
  • Dynamic content through Apps
  • Proof-of-Playback Reports

Optimize the traveling experience. Every use of digital signage in transportation enhances the traveling experience. Easy access to the right information is a great benefit to any traveling platform and you can even reach out to travelers using their smartphones or tablets.

For a deeper look into digital signage on public transportation read our blog post.

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