OnSign TV Player Download

OnSign TV can be used on a wide selection of devices and operating systems. Select the player matching your hardware to ensure you can take advantage of all OnSign TV features!

Choose your system

1 - Download OnSign TV for Android

2 - Enable Advanced Features with Signage Platform Module

Install OnSign TV SPM to enable:

  • Android Remote View and Control
  • Scheduled and remote reboot
  • Extra logging that will help in case you need support
Download the OnSign TV SPM matching your hardware
  • The SPM will NOT install in case your device doesn't match, or is not supported.
  • Advanced features get automaticaly enabled in case you have a rooted device.
  • Looking for "OnSign TV System"?

The Kiosk mode is a powerful tool in case you plan to use tablets and other touch enabled Android devices.
With Kiosk mode you can:

  • Lock the device to run only OnSign TV
  • Disable touch and show Android bar
  • Disable showing setting bar by sliding top down on the device
  • Disable Android back and change app
  • Disable Power off button - Only available for Samsung devices

Kiosk Mode on Samsung Devices

Read step-by-step on the tutorial how to install the Samsung Kiosk Manager.


Kiosk Mode on Android 5+ Devices

Android 5 and above provide a custom option to set your device on Kiosk mode operation. This process requires installing and using ADB tools.

Alternatively you can also donwload and install OnSign TV from Google Play Store!

Important Notes:
  • Configure your devices to auto install new published updates to ensure you always get the latest release!
  • In case you would like to control when updates will be applied, we advice downloading and installing OnSign TV APK from our website. This will give full control when and what players to update using the OnSign TV dashboard.
The OnSign TV Windows player is a powerful choice if you are looking for perfomance and flexibility!
With windows you can drive a single screen, or add multiple graphic cards to power a large video wall!

Minimum Requirements:
- Windows 7 and up | 2GB RAM | 2GB free storage.
OnSign TV for Mac OS is a powerful and reliable choice. Like the Windows player option, you can use a single computer to power one or multiple synchronized screens arrange in different geometries to build a large video wall.

Minimum Requirements:
- OSX 10.10 - Yosemite and above.
Using OnSign TV to power your "Samsung Smart Signage"(SSSP) screens could not be easier!
Take a look on the tutorials below and learn how OnSign TV can empower your SSSPscreens.
Important notes:
  • OnSign TV is compatible with Samsung SSP2 and SSP3.
  • The Samsung Smart Signage is a professional grade product line designed for digital signage use.

Also available for: